All The Trimmings


All the trimmings might not be the show stoppers of your holiday table but the ingredients that go into them really are the foundation of your meal. This week we thought you might like to take a look at some of our favorite holiday staples as you start to make your holiday shopping lists.

Who doesn’t like it when Cascadian frozen veggies go on sale? It’s extra exciting when you have way more mouths to feed than an average meal and organic frozen green beans that are already prepped and ready to go into your favorite dishes are going to save you time and money.

Yes, you will get a bountiful amount of broth from your Duerksen Turkey, but for some dishes it would be handy to have that stock before the turkey comes out of the oven. For that we have Pacific Organic Broth on sale. It’s a customer favorite. We carry Beef, Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, Mushroom, and Vegetable broth. If you are looking for a bone broth option, Bonafide Provisions Organic Bone Broth is on sale in our freezer section right now, and we also have shelf-stable bone broth options. Don’t forget to stock up on Imagine Organic Gravy. It is never a bad idea to have some extra gravy on hand just in case grandma’s recipe doesn't pan out like you imagined. Imagine Gravy is easy, organic, and gluten free! Not to mention it’s really tasty!

We have savory stuffing, cornbread stuffing and gluten-free stuffing (though it’s hard to keep that stuff on the shelf!) Any of these are tasty on their own but when you add a little celery, apples, wild rice or sausage, they can really pop. Lundberg Family Farms Wild Rice Blend is on sale right now and would make a perfect addition to your stuffing or inside an acorn squash. We also have some really tasty bread from Stonehouse Bakery in Traverse City that could be cubed into the base of your favorite stuffing. There are about as many variations of stuffings as there are tables they land on, so get creative—who knows, you might start a new tradition!

Bacon-wrapped just about anything is sure to be a hit and Garrett Valley Bacon is on sale right now. Their Uncured Sugar-Free Bacon is perfect for a keto-friendly table. This Three Bean Salad with Bacon recipe adds a splash of color to the table. Speaking of splash of color, we are stocked up on Woodstock Organic Cranberry Sauce. Don’t worry, we also have fresh cranberries too for your favorite cranberry relish!

Remember to check out our selection of La Riojana Organic and Fair Trade Wines. At $7.99 a bottle you really can’t go wrong. You can feel good knowing that every bottle is helping to support and build the Riojana community. November 21st is Beaujolais Nouveau Day and that is when you will start seeing this French wine made with the season’s first grape harvest appear at the Grain Train.The release of this wine is a huge holiday in France. For us here it is a fun tradition. You never know what the 2019 vintage will taste like but we are always excited to see it hit our shelves. We also have Knudsen’s Organic Sparkling Juices, Farmer’s Creamery Eggnog, So Delicious Coconut Holiday Nog and Cultured Kombucha or GT’s Kombucha in bottles or on tap. Basically, we have you covered when it comes to beverages for you holiday table.


When it comes to dessert, we know you will have the best of the best if you preorder a Maple Pumpkin Pie from our Bakery/Deli, but we have some other great handmade pie options from Willamette Valley Pies to round out your dessert offerings. Their American Apple, Cherry Crunch and Pumpkin Chiffon are beautiful and so yummy and are a steal at $12.99! Willamette Valley also has some really tasty prebaked options that are ready to eat but really pop when you do a quick egg wash to brown them. The Marionberry really is an exceptional pie and they are only $8.99! We also have all the ingredients to make your own pies, including Immaculate Baking Pie Crusts that are on sale right now. Whatever pie you choose, don’t forget the Alden’s Ice Cream!

When it comes time to set down to the table this holiday season, you can take pride that you are dishing up food made with love and the best ingredients. Remember, when you are shopping with us, you don’t ever have to worry about finding artificial anything. So let your eyes and your taste buds lead you and we will see you at the Stores!


November 18, 2019 by Mindy Taylor
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