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We are all faced with the challenge of finding out what an optimum diet looks like for each of us. For some, this stays very similar over a lifetime. For others, what used to work well no longer does. Things like food allergies, environmental impact, and overall health all play a role in what we eat. The Grain Train is NOT here to tell you what your diet should look like, we will leave that between you and your health care provider. What we ARE here to do is support YOUR dietary needs. With that in mind, we thought you might like to know about some of the alternative products that are showing up in our sales flyer right now.

For those looking for dairy alternatives or lactose-free options, we have a few things you might want to try. Check out the Kite Hill's Blissful dairy-free, vegan yogurt with flavors like Blueberry Limoncello. We think everyone is going to love this one—Coolhaus Peanut Butter Fudge Chip Ice Cream! It's dairy free and sounds super tasty. For those of you avoiding lactose but not dairy, Green Valley Creamery’s Organic Lactose Free Cream Cheese is also on sale right now.


Functional Beverages is grocery store jargon for beverages that have implied health benefits such as probiotics, electrolytes, or vitamins. One line from this category is Rebbl Elixirs, with their Turmeric Golden Milk beverage made with coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, and forest honey. We think they are worth a try. Kor Wellness Shots are another new product you might enjoy. Their motto is “Simply shake, shoot and feel your way to supreme health!” If you haven’t tried any of the Evolution Fresh Organic Juices, now is the time while they are 2/$7. Their Organic Defense Up is a favorite and right now we also have their Organic Sweet Burn that sounds like the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Kombucha is always a popular drink and we have two lines of it on sale this flyer period, Health Ade and Brew Dr. It’s hard to go wrong with the fermented goodness of Kombucha.

One last area we thought you might be interested in is the Cauliflower craze! Make sure you grab a bag of From the Ground Up Cauliflower snacks next time you are looking for something crunchy. We also have the Caulipower line on sale with Cauliplower Tortillas, Caulipower Sweet Potatoasts, Caulipower Veggie Pizzas and Pizza Crusts. Their motto ist “You should never have to choose between taste, nutrition and convenience. Everyone at the table can love what they eat...and finally be able to share from the same plate.” Give them a try!
Well, we think that gives you enough to chew on for this week. Remember, some of these items are here now and will be gone after the flyer sale ends. So now is the time to vote with your purchase if they are something we should have on our shelves every day. We hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring! Until next week, see you are the stores and the Cafe!

March 04, 2020 by Mindy Taylor
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