Our mornings are dusted with snow and there’s a chill in the air we have not felt in a long while. It’s that time of year that says “cozy in…winter is almost here.” Halloween is this weekend, and for the first time we can think of we are not participating in the Downtown festivities. This decision is made out of concern for our community and putting our best foot forward when it comes to the health and safety of our customers and staff. Change has been the driving force of 2020 and will be carried into 2021 as well. It has impacted a lot of the ways we do things at the Grain Train since spring. Remaining your trusted source has been and remains our compass along the way.

As the holidays approach and the second wave of the pandemic seems more and more likely—if not already here—our distributors are letting us know that there will be supply issues. The pandemic, recent wildfires, and hurricanes make produce that is sometimes challenging to get this time of year, even more so. This is especially true of organic items. As always, we are sourcing as much locally as we are able, but the season is coming to an end on many local options. 

As a result, we are bringing in conventionally grown produce to remain in stock. Transparency has always been important to us, because we know it is important to you. That is even more true today. We will clearly identify the growing practices of all of our produce so you can shop with confidence.

We are all abustle gearing up for the holidays. As always, you can order your Duerksen’s local free range turkeys here. This year our turkey pre-order form also includes many of your favorite holiday sides from our deli—like herb stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pull-apart rolls. Of course, you will find our maple pumpkin pies on there as well. We are also looking into having more roasting chickens on hand for those of you who will be having a smaller Thanksgiving this year.

Another way we are preparing for the holidays is making sure we have the pantry staples that you depend on us for. We already have a large supply of flour on hand and are securing even more as we speak. You will see brands new to our shelves, like Domino sugars. They are non-GMO and here to help your pantry remain full. This holiday season can still be full of traditions. There will be some differences but know that we are working diligently to make sure that you have what you need for the holidays and beyond.

Thank you for being a part of the Grain Train. We are honored to be your community-owned grocery store. We look forward to your next visit. A reminder that our mask and social distancing policies remain, regardless of any changes to executive orders or other directives. We will do our best to to shop in the moment for anyone who is unable to wear a mask. And if you haven’t tried our Curbside option, please do! See you at the stores or Curbside!

October 30, 2020 by Mindy Taylor
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