For the Love of Local

There are so many ways to enjoy fresh and fabulous food right now! Making a simple, delicious, nutrient-packed meal is never easier than in late summer. Maybe all you have to do is walk out your back door with a colander and come back inside with a feast for your table. Then there are the farmer’s markets that are bursting at the seams right now with all of their local splendor. What is better than stopping by to say hi to your favorite farmer and leaving with so much goodness?


We also know that getting to the farmer’s market can sometimes be a challenge whether you spend the summer working or playing. That’s why we are here as your 7-days-a-week fresh markets. We are already bursting with this season’s harvest and it will only get better over the next few weeks. 


We get so darn excited every week when Open Sky Farms delivers their exquisite local, organic flower bouquets. If you are going to a dinner party, make sure you grab a bunch of those beauties for the host or hostess. While you are at it, grab one for yourself too! At $8.99, they are a steal.


Right now we are packed to the gills with local vegetables from Bear Creek Organic Farm, Providence CSA, Bluestem Farm and Coveyou Scenic Farm. Soon we will see the root vegetables, pumpkins and squash start rolling in. You really can’t beat this time of year! 


One thing we are super proud of is our history with local food and farms. Did you know in 2018 we purchased $606, 283 in local goods from 44 local producers? A fair amount of that is purchased during the summer months but there are plenty of local goods we carry most, if not all of the year. You can pretty much always find local eggs, honey and maple syrup at our stores. With more farms using hoophouses, we are able to carry local greens much longer into the season than we used to. Bear Creek Organic Farm has their delicious microgreens available year round! Those sure are a welcome delight at any time, but in the winter months they are downright magical. 


Outside of purchasing goods, we love to support local foods and farms through our own Micro Loan Program that we partner with Crosshatch on. Since 2016 we have loaned just over $30,000 to nine farmers and producers with the intention to help elevate our local food and farm economy. We will talk more about this program another day but we just had to share a little of what it’s all about. 


We sure hope you are enjoying this time of bounty and beauty as much as we are! Until next week, don’t get lost in those August garden weeds, enjoy the farmers markets and, as always, we will see you at the stores! 

August 12, 2019 by Mindy Taylor
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