Seasons Change

We at the Grain Train Natural Foods Markets send both a fond farewell to the Shetler Family, extending our gratitude for all their endeavors over the years, and a hearty welcome and hello to The Farmers’ Creamery.



Seasons change and cycle in business, just like in all areas of life. With those changes often come bittersweet goodbyes paired with the opportunities of hello. Shetler Family Dairy has been in operation since 1979. Seeing the Shetler Dairy truck pull in with crates full of milk in their classic glass bottles is a way of life around here at the Grain Train. We were saddened when the Shetler family shared with us recently that they are in the process of selling their operations.


Saddened because when you do business with the Shetlers’ you are working with the whole family, three generations of farmers carrying out George and Sally’s vision of alternative and sustainable farming, and that’s a lot of folks to say goodbye to. With the sudden death of Sally Shetler in 2018, followed by the sudden death of George Shetler earlier this year, our hearts have been heavy alongside the whole community with this family. 


We are also excited for the Shetler family. The sale of the Shetler Family Dairy operation was something George and Sally set into motion prior to their passing. The farmers they chose to sell to make up The Farmers’ Creamery in Mio, Michigan. To quote the family, “We know the farmers at Farmers’ Creamery and highly recommend them; in fact, we look forward to drinking their milk too! They were hand-selected by Farmer George to carry on the tradition he created of bottling a high quality, healthy product in a special way.” 


The "special way" they are talking about starts with the soil and ends with the creamiest milk you’ve ever tasted. You can feel confident that The Farmers' Creamy will be coming to market with a premium dairy product that we look forward to introducing. They will be keeping with Shetler’s tradition of no hormones or antibiotics and the cows will be 100% grass fed. Farmers’ Creamery has purchased all bottling equipment, recipes, processes and even the famous slogan, “Our cows aren’t on drugs but they are on grass.” 


We will keep you posted on this transition, but right now it looks like Shetler’s will be shutting down operations on the farm around mid-September and the word from Farmer Nathan at The Farmers' Creamery is we can be expecting their product by early October. Join us in saying a fond farewell to the Shetler Family, extending our well wishes on all their endeavors, and get ready to extend a hearty hello to The Farmers' Creamery. 


There will be a couple of weeks between when Shelter’s end production and The Farmers' Creamery begins. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We know it will be worth the wait!




August 29, 2019 by Mindy Taylor
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