It feels so good to be into a new month. One with flowers blooming, wild leeks galore, trilliums just peeking out to say hello and, dare we hope, morel mushrooms coming in abundance. As summer gets closer, it seems like there is a quiver of excitement growing in all of us to get out of our houses and reconnect with life. We are finding our way with social distancing and mask-wearing—all of it becoming a part of the norm as much as it can be. We are all moving forward despite not knowing what is coming next.

We are seeing some of our summer customers returning at the same time as more businesses are opening up with precautionary measures in place for the safety of their staff and customers alike. At the Grain Train, we are making sure that when you come into our stores, safety is still the number one priority. We continue to ask you to remember that wearing your face mask while in the store and waiting as we keep our customer counts to a number that allows for social distancing, is an act of kindness for the whole community. We know that upholding a limit on the number of customers in the store slows things down and that this will become even more apparent as summer gets closer. We are working every day to find a safe way to open another register and other measures that can help the flow of customers in the Petoskey store. We are also working to supply more Grab and Go meal options in the Deli.

One thing that has been a guiding factor for us at the Grain Train is that we are in this for the long run. Next year will be our 50th year as a Natural Foods Cooperative. Everything we are doing today is for the safety of our staff, customers, and the future of the Grain Train. We have heard many thanks for our proactive measures during this pandemic. Those are going to be around as long as they are necessary and many will become a part of the future.

Currently, we are hard at work on developing a curbside program in Petoskey that, again, is focused on the long run. When we roll it out, we want to make sure that it is ready to meet your needs. The work we have put into this program is to not only help with social distancing and to keep our staff and customers safe, but it is also for our customers of the future. We know that time will always be important to you and with this service we hope we put a little more time on your clocks as we shop for you. We can’t wait to announce this program! Thank you for your patience in its development.

Things might be different, hard and uncertain, but we are finding our way right along with you and we will continue to be your community-owned grocery store. See you at the stores! 


May 06, 2020 by Mindy Taylor
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