Time to Talk Turkey!


It’s November. It’s November 4th actually. The time changed yesterday and we are seeing reminders of the upcoming holidays everywhere. For us at the Grain Train, the focus of the season remains the same—being the trusted source of what goes on your tables. Making a Difference One Bite At A Time is our mission be it January, June, or November. Though this time of year, there is one item that we think really deserves the spotlight - Duerksen Turkey Farm turkeys. 

Why do we make such a big deal about these turkeys? The short answer is that they are simply worth all the fuss! Let’s talk about why— 

Rick and Sue Duerksen have been running Duerksen Turkey Farm since the late 70s, a tradition they carried on from Rick’s grandmother. In fact, this year marks their 40th anniversary turkey farming! Their four children were raised on the farm and took part in every aspect of the business as well. 

In 2007, they began producing pasture-raised turkeys. Pasture-raised means that these birds are humanely raised and truly cared for. Here’s what the Duerksen’s have to say “ Our turkeys spend their lives in wide open spaces. They dine on tender green grass and breathe fresh country air, while chasing after a delicious meal of a variety of insects and grasshoppers.” 

So today, all their turkeys are pastured-raised, chemical free, antibiotic free, growth hormone free and GMO free. There is a lot of work and intention that goes into these birds and we think you can taste the difference. We know that having a bird you can feel good serving on your holiday table is important to you, and these birds fit the bill—well beak as it may be. 

If you haven't tasted a Duerksen Turkey make sure to stop by the Petoskey store from 2-4 PM on Friday, November 8, to talk turkey with Sue Duerksen herself—which is worth the trip alone! While you are here, be sure and sample a taste of their mouth-watering, oven roasted turkey. The 8th would be a great day to pre-order your holiday bird (unless you are ready to order now—we can help you with that, too). One more perk to stopping by to see Sue on the 8th is that if you pre-order your turkey at that time, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Grain Train Gift Card! 

Duerksen turkeys come to us fresh and never frozen (now, if due to timing you need a frozen bird, we have those, too). That means you are getting the most premium product at its peak. The large size is going quickly! Your ordered turkeys will be available for pick-up at both the Petoskey and Boyne City stores on Tuesday, November 26, and Wednesday, November 27, from 7 AM–9 PM. 

If you are passing on the bird this year, we have you covered, too. We have Tofurky Roast and Tofurky Plant-Based Ham Style Roast, Gardein Holiday Roast, and Field Roast’s Celebration and Cranberry Hazelnut Roast. We also have all the fixings for your table, but we will talk more about those in the next couple weeks. Until next time, stop by and say Hi to Sue on the 8th and we will see you there!

November 04, 2019 by Mindy Taylor
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