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Hi Grain Train Community! It sure is nice to take a moment and know that we are connecting with you. We wish you and your family health and peace of mind today and always. We know that things are not life as normal and they certainly are not business as normal for us, but we want to take a minute and pause with you here to acknowledge that we are all finding our way through uncertain times and that we are doing it together even while we are apart.

We also want to make sure you know that we are open and ready to serve you. Below are the major changes that have taken place since last week that we want to share with you, but most of all we wanted to say hello! We hope that you and your family are finding silver linings in the everyday little moments, just like we are. 

Boyne City: Hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM - 7 PM, Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM, and Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM. To maintain appropriate social distancing we are keeping the total number of customers in the store to 5 people. We will keep track of this, so all you have to do is come in and we will let you know if we are reaching capacity. 

We are really excited to be able to offer curbside pickup and delivery in Boyne City! Thank you so much to the Charlevoix County Transit for making delivery possible for our customers! Delivery is Monday-Friday in Boyne City, Charlevoix, and East Jordan. We are unable to offer weekend delivery service at this time. We don’t have a great way to get frozen products to you via delivery so those will have to be curbside or in person items. If you would like to utilize this option, place your order by noon for delivery the next day. We are able to offer curbside pickup seven days a week. Call in or email us your shopping list: 231-459-4522 or jack@graintrain.coop. We sure wish we had an online ordering option, but we aren’t there yet. There is no charge for this service and it is limited to the Boyne City store at this time.

Petoskey: Daily Hours are 10 AM - 6 PM, Monday-Sunday. We are keeping the total number of customers in the Petoskey store to 10 people. Just like in Boyne City, we will keep track of this, so all you have to do is come in and we will let you know if we are reaching capacity. 

We are now offering special hours for Seniors and those who are Immune Compromised. These hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM -10 AM. We will have someone at the door to greet you, at a safe distance, and they will be making sure that we maintain 5 or less customers in the store during these hours. The reality is that store hours are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. As we said earlier, this is not business as usual but we are finding a rhythm and hope that you are as well. We will keep you updated as changes occur. 

A few more things you might want to know that are happening at the Petoskey store include: We are looking into possibilities for curbside pickup but at this time that is a Boyne City only option. There are some really hard choices we have made to better protect staff and customers during this time such as temporarily stopping accepting cash. We are accepting credit/debit cards and personal checks. We are also temporarily suspending all returns at this time, including products, bottle deposits, and Farmers Creamery bottles. We will be accepting these again in the future, if you are able to hold onto them. With the safety of staff and customers in mind we are no longer serving coffee in the deli. We can’t wait until you can come for a cup of coffee and stick around and drink it with us! 

One last thing to share is that our General Membership Meeting and election will be a virtual event on Sunday, April 26. We are still working out the details on this but we will be sure to let you know well in advance. 

We thought you might like to see that we are still getting food in regularly. There will continue to be out of stocks and product availability issues but know that food is coming in and is here for you to purchase.

Again, thank you for being a part of the Grain Train. You each mean so much to us now and always. We sure look forward to a time when March Madness is in full swing, Easter is just around the corner, and what to plant in our gardens is the biggest question out there. Speaking of that, you will start to see some healthy eating and spring gardening tips coming through our social media pages as we settle into the new normal. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to share with the rest of us any recipes or tips you come across.

Until next week, stay safe and we will see you—at a distance—in the stores.

March 26, 2020 by Mindy Taylor
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