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Products come and go, that is a part of being a grocery store. We put a lot of energy into trying to make sure we have the products that you are looking for at a fair price. This week, we'd like to talk about some places you might be seeing new items pop up in the stores.

First off, we have been looking at what we carry, section by section, and have been bringing in new items we think you are going to love and letting go of some products whose sales were telling us it was time to say goodbye. One area we have revamped in the last year is frozen desserts. Our ice cream selection is full of all sorts of your favorites and some we are positive will soon become your next "have to have it" product! We have added brands like Coolhaus and Halo Top and expanded lines you already love like Talenti that we mentioned in last week’s blog.

We have also updated our frozen entree section, which includes PIZZA. We are really excited to be able to offer Field Day Organic Frozen Pizza every day for just $3.99 each. We also now carry Caulipower frozen pizza and crusts. Be sure to check out the whole section to see all that we brought in! While you are taking a look around with fresh eyes check out our frozen fruits and vegetables, canned soups, juices, and digestive enzymes. We updated these areas within the last year. You might have also noticed that our bread, chocolate and cookie selection got some TLC as well.

We are currently bringing all Co-op Deals Flyer items into our Petoskey store. If Boyne City does not have a product you would like, we are happy to transfer it down. Just ask. This means you are going to see a whole lot of new products coming and going each month. We will be keeping the ones you tell us to by how much you purchase them while they are here. Some of these will be found in the sections you would expect them to be in. Others you will find on an end cap at the front of the store by the registers. This display will contain new flyer and coupon items for the month.

You might like an idea of what some of those products are: First off, have you seen the new, blue, 25th anniversary limited edition offering by GT’s Organic Kombucha? It’s called Sacred Life and it’s really tasty and beautiful! It’s a here-and-gone product so get it while you can! Another new item is the Calipower Cauliflower Tortilla, you can find them in the freezer section. One more item we want to mention is the Perfect Snacks Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups in the cooler by the potatoes and onions in Produce. If you think their almond bars are good, you’ve got to try these! Remember these will only stick around if sales show us they deserve a spot on the shelf. That’s the hard part of being a small grocery store—there are so many amazing products…and we can’t carry all of them.

While we can’t carry every product, we sure will continue working hard to carry the products that you are looking for us to have. Make sure to check out that end cap of new items and coupon items at the front of the Petoskey store, and ask Boyne City to do a transfer of anything they didn’t bring in. We are here for you and, most importantly because of you, and it’s a privilege to be your community owned co-op. See you at the stores and the Cafe!

February 12, 2020 by Andrew Cargill
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