All Things Food



Join us Thursday, August 8, 4 PM

Grain Train Market Cafe 

What is this All Things Food Round Table you’ve been hearing about? Well, simply put it is a place to share information. A member/owner recently reached out to us and suggested that the Grain Train offer a place for members and the community to come together and share ideas around food with one another. With Education, Training and Information as well as Concern for the Community being two of the Seven Cooperative Principles cooperatives are governed by, this seemed like a great idea to try out. So we set a date of Thursday, August 8, at 4 PM in the upstairs seating area of the Cafe as our initial get-together. Now all we need is YOU!

What will we be doing at this round table? Sharing ideas. Sharing stories. Sharing recipes. Listening to one another. Making connections and hopefully new acquaintances, if not friends. What this round table looks like and how it flows will depend on who shows up and what you have to share.

What should I bring with me you might ask? All you need is yourself. If you have a favorite recipe or article and want to bring a few copies to share, that is great, too. The Cafe will be open so if you want a snack come a little early and you can eat while we talk. Drip coffee or tea is on us.


You might be saying, I can’t make this one, when will the next one be? We really want the direction of this group to come from those that attend, so if and when we meet again it will come from the group. We will send out notices of any future gatherings.


Hope to see you there! Any questions, email us at or call Mindy at 231-347-4914 ext. 12.

August 05, 2019 by Mindy Taylor

Keeping Cool at the Co-op


Here we are deep in the heart of the “Dog Days” of summer. There is so much fun in the sun to be had right now, it is hard to know what to do! Whatever it is that you are planning this week, we can help you beat the heat. 

 Did you also know that certain foods can help to keep you cooler? According to the Farmer's Almanac article, Natural Ways to Keep Cool When It's Hot, mushrooms, citrus, lemon balm and mint can all help the body regulate its temperature, thus keeping you cooler. They go on to say that even though there is a heat component to spicy foods, they can actually help you cool down by causing the body to sweat more. So bring on the spicy Pad Thai!  

We all know that staying hydrated is key to keeping cool. The recommendation is at least a half gallon of water throughout the day. We can help you meet that goal with a new Klean Kanteen insulated bottle. If you are looking for some beverage options beyond water, we have some seriously refreshing savings for you right now!

GT’s Organic Kombucha is on sale for 2/$5, now that’s a sale you don’t want to miss. Have you tried Wtmln Wtr, which is a cold-pressed watermelon juice? It really is summer in a bottle and is 2/$6 right now. C2o Coconut Water is also on sale this week. If you want to get creative, these Watermelon Strawberry Lime Coolers are a kid-friendly summer cocktail that everyone is sure to love. If you are looking for more of an adult beverage these Watermelon Mint Frosé are delightful. You can also substitute coconut water, ginger ale, or apple juice for a family-friendly version. 

 Don’t forget about the Grain Train Market Cafe’s amazing smoothies! Come on in and let us make you one! Keep an eye out for our daily summer drink specials too. Yum! 

Until next time, keep cool and we will see you at the Grain Train!

July 29, 2019 by Mindy Taylor

One-Stop Shop


Planning a summer gathering? Let us be your one-stop shop. Responsibly sourced proteins for the grill? We’ve got them. The freshest local and organic fruits and vegetables? Sure do! All the snacks and sides to complement? You bet! When you shop with us you can focus on taste, we’ve already done our homework on ingredients. We like to say we read the labels so you don’t have to — but we always encourage you to know what’s in every product you buy. 


Did you know that you won’t find any artificial products or ingredients in our stores or the cafe? No artificial anything! So instead of looking for the BBQ sauce without high fructose corn syrup, you can focus on the one that catches your eye and, more importantly, your taste-buds! Your choices become simply do I want the natural, local or organic option? We want you to feel good about what you are bringing to the table. We sure do! 


When you are shopping in our produce department, you will find organic, local organic or local organically-grown (not-certified organic but grown with organic practices) options. The only exception to this are items that are identified in the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Clean Fifteen. These are the top 15 low pesticide residue fruits and veggies. We carry these items to bring you a more affordable option when compared to organic. The EWG also has a Dirty Dozen, and those are the top 12 high pesticide residue fruits and veggies. If you are choosing where to spend your dollars on organic, the Dirty Dozen is a great place to start!

We look forward to seeing you at the stores! And remember, if you have any questions, we are always here to help! 


July 22, 2019 by Mindy Taylor

Happy Bliss!

With the 4th of July behind us, that puts us right at the peak of Festival season. The 39th Annual Blissfest Folk and Roots Music Festival is coming up this weekend and if you are anything like the rest of us, what food to pack for the festival (for when you are not sampling your favorite vendors of course) is at the top of your to-do list. 
With 48 years of being the trusted source in our community for natural, local and organic foods we can help you tackle that list so you have time to spend on planning the rest of your weekend. 
First order of business, staying hydrated
. Blissfest does a fabulous job of having fresh drinking water on site. Bringing some lemons, limes, watermelon or berries for your water is a tasty way to beat the heat. We also have a wide selection of sparkling waters like Lacroix and Waterloo on hand with all your favorite flavors and maybe a few news ones to try. You can fill your growler or howler with Cultured Kombucha Co.’s local kombucha or grab a six pack our new staff favorite,Tribucha. Don’t worry, we will keep the beer and wine stocked for you too! 
We’ve got your fruit and veggies covered.
Some fruits hold up better than others to the summer heat. Apples and oranges are the most forgiving. Stone-fruit like peaches and nectarines are a bit more delicate and you will want to eat your berries sooner than later. With Providence Farm’s local strawberries being so choice right now you won’t need to worry about how long they keep, you’ll be more concerned about where they went! Speaking of where they went, their season is short, so enjoy them while you can. 
Want to make sure you have your greens but not take up a whole cooler? Try the whole line of organic chopped salad kits from Earthbound Farm. And remember that Bear Creek Organic Farm’s microgreens are a perfect addition to just about anything and they come in a cooler-friendly size package! Keep in mind we have greens powders in our Health and Beauty aisle too, as well as meal replacement shakes that are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Make it easy on yourself.
We have so many tasty dips, salsas and spreads. The full line of Hope Hummus and Bitchin’ Sauce dips are on sale now and will never disappoint. Of course we have all the chips and crackers you could want so make sure to hit the Snack aisle. Carrots, red peppers and cucumbers make a refreshing dipper as well! 
The Deli will be working hard to keep the Grab-and-Go case abundant and don’t forget about our line of Maple Avenue salads. The Spinach Artichoke dip is one we know you will love! Be sure to check out some of their compound salads too! 
It’s hard to beat the nutritional powerhouse of a hardboiled egg and an avocado so stock up and have an on-the-go snack at any time. A PB&J is always a hit regardless of your age. 
We also have a great line of muffins and brownies from Flax For Life, you will find them with our breads. They might be gluten free but we promise, you won’t miss the gluten! Be sure to grab your favorite trail mix or granola from the Bulk section while you are here. 


Don’t forget your first-aid kit. Bliss Assist is always there should you need their services but it never hurts to have a few supplies on hand from the Health and Beauty section. We have a full line of bug and sun products as well as many salves for any bumps and bruises. Coconut water is a great rehydrator but we also have Q-Energy packets that are full of quercetin, vitamins and electrolytes and Ultima Replenisher, an electrolyte supplement. Our Customer Service team is happy to help you find just what you are looking for! 


Have fun, be safe and stop by the Cafe on Monday and treat yourself to a smoothie for after Bliss!


Happy Bliss! 

July 09, 2019 by Mindy Taylor

Hats off to you!

Whether you are here year-round or visiting for the summer, thank you for choosing the Grain Train! We are proud to be your community-owned, locally-grown grocery, and whether you are hitting the beach, boat or taking advantage of some serious hammock time, we have you covered! 
July 08, 2019 by Mindy Taylor