We are proud to be Emmet County's Recycler of the Year for 2018. 


Recycling, Reducing and Reusing is a part of who we are at the Grain Train! From the food scrap composting in our dining area, the food scraps we save for local farmers, the tons of cardboard recycled each year to the compostable paper towel collection bins in our restrooms, we are always working on ways to become more environmentally friendly. We were very honored to have Emmet County Recycling present us with the 2018 Recycler of the Year award at our Annual General Membership Meeting this April. We are looking at this as an incentive to see what more we can do to lessen our environmental footprint. We don't want to just be the 2018 Recycler of the year, we want to earn these bragging rights every year!  

This plaque was constructed by Great Lakes Reclamined of Petoskey from the following recovered materials:
  • Steel from a discarded ironing board, cut by Ventilation Plus of Harbor Springs
  • Plastic from the lid of a broken recycling cart, cut by Lake Art of Harbor Springs
  • Wood scrap from production of decorative maps, cut and printed by Lake Art of Harbor Springs
  • Wainscoting from the long-time Grain Train store at 421 Howard Street, saved and provided by former store manager Bret Huntman



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