More than Just Good Food

Our Mission
The Grain Train is committed to empowered individuals, vital communities and a healthy planet. As a Natural Foods Cooperative, we are the trusted source in northern Michigan for high quality, local, organic and natural products at a fair value to our membership and community.


History of Community

The Grain Train is a natural foods cooperative created in 1971. For over 40 years the Grain Train has been a thriving neighborhood store offering the best in local and organic foods and products. We’ve grown and flourished thanks to you, our loyal customers and owners who have supported their local store for four decades.  Everyone is welcome at the Grain Train Natural Foods Market.  Our shelves are stocked with the best everyday items, snacks and specialty products in Northern Michigan. Come and enjoy the best organic and local foods the area has to offer.

Product Guidelines  

To further our dedication to offering customers only the best products, the Grain Train has established store product guidelines.  These guidelines clearly spell out the commitment of the Grain Train to make it easier for customers to navigate the ever growing number of products available today. Each product stocked comes with the assurance that it has been carefully evaluated and has passed the exacting standards set forth in their guidelines. 

Our product standards mean we choose and sell products that are not made with artificial colors or flavorings, growth hormones, antibiotics, or any other substances known to adversely affect one’s health and safety. Nor will the Grain Train purchase products from companies that disregard the rights of their workers and producers or companies that practice animal testing. Companies that minimize their environmental impact through their growing, producing and packaging practices are given preference.

The Grain Train maintains these standards while also ensuring the our shelves are stocked with a wide range of products that meet the needs and budgets of all our customers. We do not believe that good quality, good practices, great taste and principles need to be set aside for an affordable meal. Instead these qualities should be intrinsic with every meal and every snack.


Organic Certification

In April 2012, the Grain Train Natural Foods Market became the area’s only USDA certified retail grocery store. Becoming certified assures customers that the high quality organic products available at the Grain Train are guaranteed from farm to table.

According to Robert Struthers, Grain Train General Manager, the process of achieving certification is an involved one. “We had to create many systems and protocols for receiving, handling, processing, labeling and selling organic products – all designed to prevent the organic products we sell from being contaminated by other non-organic products or ingredients. We were then inspected by a third party USDA certified inspection agent who toured our facility, talked with staff members, and checked our systems and handling protocols for compliance with the law. This assures that when a customer buys an organic product from us, they are getting what they think they are getting. It is our job to ensure that.”

Being a certified retailer does not mean that the Grain Train sells only organic products however. What it does mean is that they follow strict practices that keep organic and non-organic products separate in storage, prep and display and that organic products are protected from contact with restricted and prohibited substances such as pest control and cleaners. All organic products are labeled clearly and in accordance with the law and all staff are trained in proper organic handling and labeling procedures.


CO+op, Stronger Together - Great Savings on Great Products

Co+op is one of the many ways we offer great value to all our customers every day. Our Co+op sale highlights organic, high quality products such as: bakery staples, cereals, meats, coffee, snacks, vitamins, haircare products and more. We feature two, two week sales every month, and each new sales period we offer a flyer with a sampling of the many products we have on sale as well as tasty and healthy recipes and product spotlights. 


What is Co+op?

Co+op is part of a national community of over one hundred co-ops working together to bring customers the best prices nationwide. Our  Co+op sale increases the number of products we place on sale each month and at better prices. We are excited to bring Co+op and all of its advantages to our customers.

Co+op is more than just a sale. Our national community of co-ops are committed to good conscious living. Take a look at the website. The website is filled with great articles and discussions on healthy living, eating local and the green lifestyle with a community of co-op customers, owners and staff.

Join us as we work hard to bring our customers the best products at the best prices while building a stronger community committed to good food and good life.