7 am - 11 am

Breakfast Burrito $3.99
(Eggs, potatoes, VT cheddar cheese, onions, bell peppers, whole wheat wrap)
Breakfast Burrito w/ Beeler's bacon $4.99
(Eggs, potato, Beeler's Bacon, VT cheddar cheese, onion, bell pepper, whole wheat wrap)
Breakfast Boxes: Eggs & Potatoes $3.99
(+ bell peppers & onions, with or without cheese)
Breakfast Boxes: Eggs, Potatoes & Bacon $4.99 
(+ bell peppers & onions, with or without cheese)

Fresh Baked Goods

SCONES $2.99

MUFFINS  $1.99

 Regular, Wheat Free and Dairy Free Options 
Stop by or call for the daily flavors. 

Monday- Saturday:  11 am - 7 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm


Spanikopita (Vegetarian)
Turkey and Gravy (Wheat Free, Local) 
Grilled Asparagus (Vegan, Wheat Free)
Roasted Carrots with Dill (Vegan, Wheat Free, Local)
Beans, Kale and Brown Rice 


Mac and Cheese (Vegetarian)
BBQ Pulled Pork 
Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes (Vegan, Wheat Free)
Broccoli and Carrots (Vegan, Wheat Free)
Bean of the Day, Kale and Brown Rice 


Teriyaki Chicken (Wheat Free)
Peanut Sauced Broccoli and Cauliflower (Vegetarian, Wheat Free)
Honey Sesame Tofu (Vegetarian, Wheat Free) 
 Vegetable Stir Fry (Vegan, Wheat Free)
Bean of the Day, Kale and Brown Rice


Vegetable Enchilada (Vegetarian, Wheat Free)
Beef Burrito 
Bean Burrito (Vegetarian) 
Chili Seasoned Potato Fries (Vegan, Wheat Free) 
 Bean of the Day, Kale and Brown Rice


Burger Friday
BBQ Tofu (Vegan, Wheat Free) 
Russet Potato Fries (Vegan, Wheat Free)
Onions and Mushrooms (Vegan, Wheat Free)
Bean of the Day, Kale and Brown Rice


Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin (Vegetarian)
Swedish Meatballs (Wheat Free)
Chef’s Choice


Chef’s Choice

10 am - 8 pm
8 0z $2.99  -  16 oz $4.99  -  32 oz $8.99
Turkey and Rice (Local)
Beef Chili
Thai Curry Vegetable (Vegan)
Chef’s Choice
Stop by or call to find out the Chef’s Choice!

We Are Proudly Sourcing From the Following Michigan Producers:

Bear Creek Organics, Petoskey - Produce
Coveyou, Petoskey - Produce
Providence, Central Lake - Produce
Shetler Dairy, Kalkaska - Milk, Half & Half
Maple Moon, Petoskey - Maple Syrup
Sleeping Bear Farms, Beulah - Honey
Pristine Acres, Marion - Eggs
Duerksen, Kalkaska - Turkey
Nature's Acres, Manton - Chicken
Whispering Pines, Mio - Beef
Hi-Lo Acres, Portland - Pork
The Brinery, Ann Arbor - Kim Chi & Kraut
Higher Grounds, Traverse City - Coffee
Esch Rd., Honor - Mustard